item or part number:  504137B

description:  16 cm grid assembly, 3 grid, moly, 2 FP 104/72, 065/035 spacing, SAD 015 thick

our part number:   504137B

ion tech part number:  422240

general info
This 16 cm grid assembly consists of 3 grids that are shaped with 2 focal points (FP), 104 cm and 72 cm. The grids are formed to have 2 focal points (FP) ideal for sputtering applications. The grid material is molybdenum 0.015" thick - ideal for lower RF power consumption. Mounting hardware is sold separately.

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Material: molybdenum, alumina insulators and stainless steel hardware.
Approximate dimensions and weight:

Height: 0.00 inches
Width (or diameter) : 10.00 inches
Length: 1.00 inches
Weight: 1.00 lbs.

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