item or part number:  504296J

description:  16 cm grid assembly, 3 grid, moly, 3 FP 104/72/40 cm, 065/035 spacing, S 015 thick

our part number:   504296J

ion tech part number:  423075

general info
This 16 cm grid assembly consists of 3 grids that are shaped with 3 focal points (FP), 104 cm, 72 cm and 40 cm. These grids are optimized for lower RF power consumption and deposition stability and are ideal for sputtering applications. The grid material is molybdenum. Mounting hardware is sold separately (see p/n 504969A).

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Material: molybdenum, alumina insulators and stainless steel hardware.
Approximate dimensions and weight:

Height: 0.00 inches
Width (or diameter) : 9.25 inches
Length: 0.88 inches
Weight: 1.00 lbs.

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