item or part number:  504906A

description:  12 cm interface kit, internal mount, 32 mm RF, 2.75" gas/electric, 1" water

our part number:   504906A

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general info
This kit includes feedthroughs necessary to interface a 12 cm RF ion beam source to a system as an internal mount. The interface kit includes 2.75" CF style flanges for gas/electric and RF feedthroughs, and one water feedthrough (1" o-ring). Also included are high voltage covers and standoffs.

   INTERFACE KIT:  drawing 

   12 cm Source:  click here 

Material: stainless steel, copper, silver, and alumina.
Approximate dimensions and weight:

Height: 18.00 inches
Width (or diameter) : 10.00 inches
Length: 18.00 inches
Weight: 15.00 lbs.

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