item or part number:  505865A

description:  6 cm Interface kit, 10" CF flange mount.

our part number:   505865A

ion tech part number:  

general info
This kit includes a 10 inch CF flange necessary to interface a 6 cm RF ion beam source to a system as a flange mount. The interface kit includes two smaller flanges. One for the gas and DC bias and the other feedthrough for the RF power and antenna water cooling. Also includes high voltage covers and standoffs for a matching network. The matching network is sold separately.

   INTERFACE KIT:  drawing 

   6 cm Source:  click here 

Material: stainless steel, copper, silver, and alumina.
Approximate dimensions and weight:

Height: 10.00 inches
Width (or diameter) : 10.00 inches
Length: 26.00 inches
Weight: 25.00 lbs.

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