item or part number:  GRID_CLEANING_STD

description:  Cleaning of moly grid assembly, 12 cm or 16 cm. Does not include grid mount plate.

our part number:   GRID_CLEANING_STD

ion tech part number:  

general info
Please send us your used grid assembly to be refurbished. We will clean your molybdenum grid assembly. A grid report sheet will be produced and shipped with your freshly cleaned grid set.
Repair Notes: Grids are evaluated for warping, deterioration and damage prior to, and after disassembly. They will then be cleaned, reassembled, measured for correct spacing and electrical isolation. Any damaged hardware (alumina insulators, hats) may require additional charges if they are replaced. These items will be quoted. No parts are replaced or repaired unless they have been authorized by receipt of a purchase order.

If you require the grid assembly and mount hardware, please see GRID_CLEANING_MAX.

International Customers: Please review our Resources/General information section for international export and shipping process information.

Other grid:  assemblies 
Approximate dimensions and weight:

Height: 0.00 inches
Width (or diameter) : 10.00 inches
Length: 1.00 inches
Weight: 1.10 lbs.

Estimated quantity in stock:

The exact quantity of inventory items is subject to change.